A moment…

handsRunning a little behind on the follow up posts to the F-Factor, my sincere apologies folks. They will be coming up by the end of the day.

As of now tho…I’d like to put out there a moment of silence, a moment of peace and a vibe for the world to be a better place. Early this morning I saw posts about a bombing at the finishing line in a yearly run at Boston. What? Why? Curious, I searched the web for some info and was horrified. I don’t know and I don’t understand why people do things like that to each other. What good is revenge..(if that is what it is..) Where is the value in hurting the innocent? What have our minds turned into?

It it scary and most of all sad that things are the way they are. I extend my condolences, my thoughts and prayers to all the victims of that blast and while we’re at it…to everyone in the world who’s had tragedy and injustice happen to them. I hope, the very little we do here at vivi[d]sgn, can help inspire at least one person to make one change in their life to make this world a better place…then all will be good. If this effort is taken up by everyone – to be the best that you are and inspire or help the next person…maybe, we have hope after all.

Sending out good vibes to everyone in the world.


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Memberships and being relevant


Are you guys into memberships? I don’t know about you..that’s why I’m asking (hah!) but really, working as an entrepreneur, even with years of experience, it’s always good to have affiliations, partnerships and just being part of a larger community in your industry.

You literally can learn from EVERYONE and ANYONE!

As you may know, vividsgn is a part of The Voice Guild for a number of years now. And recently we just got accepted into wREGA, Malaysia’s only Graphic Design Association which is also affiliated with Icograda; the International Council of Communication Design.

It’s an exciting affiliation as it’s not just one of those memberships where you carry around the card and brag that you’re part of it and do nothing. Both wREGA and Icograda are equally active in the world of design and continue to inspire people around the world to truly respect, acknowledge and appreciate design as much as any other industry.

Through wREGA, we’ve also been honoured to be part of Jack-in-the-Box, a movement around the world that encourages designers and friends of the industry alike, to meet up, every Wednesday and share thoughts, ideas, brainstorm or just network. It’s amazing what one session can do for you. vividsgn hopes to be part of this great community of people for as long as possible and continue to be inspired and get inspired.

It’s good to belong, don’t you think? And if you don’t belong…start your own group!