Feedback PLEASE!




Last time we talked – we spoke about the F-Factor, do you have it?! It consists of 5 key segments; 

F – Discovery
F – Rated
F – Feedback
F – Together, and
F – Me

We’ve covered the first two and now, on to no.3!

Feedback has not always been THE buzzword. Most times it wasn’t this politically correct, instead – all you would get is comments. Things were either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; basically a compliment on a good job done or a criticism on the shoddy paper submitted.

These days however, there is feedback. Constructive feedback or damaging feedback, but feedback nonetheless.

It generally says, this is my humble, polite opinion on your idea/invention/story/product. Many-a-time, you wonder if the feedback is void of any emotion, terribly mechanical and just trying too hard to be bland or ‘safe. But thanks to social media, feedback can now come from everyone and anyone. No longer are experts sugar-coating their words in order to not ruffle anyone’s feathers, lose credibility, be prove wrong in public or losing out on perks from ‘friends of the industry’. Instead, we have an army of people online who are not afraid to let their thoughts heard – good or bad, right or wrong.

This is clearly seen on the current social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Twitter. Most users trust recommendations by family members the MOST and then friends. So it is true, blood is thicker than water, or gin and tonic. Whereas, in general, people trust recommendations of their Facebook friends the most, whereas Twitter ranks no.2 on trustworthy opinions for goods and assistance.

There has been so much buzz about Feedback that there are new apps and programs created everyday to gauge what people like, dislike and have opinions about. Some of these are of course Pinterest, StackExchange and LoveThis. Users are now the new content writers that are not on a payroll and sometimes even pay to use the app or software. These unsuspecting individuals, log on religiously daily, review a product, place or service…(the list is endless) and then go on to write down their thoughts, their opinions after spending good money on these products and services. They even go so far as to suggest on what could be improved by the provider or what could be done by the user to get the best experience.

Developers and service providers are currently spoiled with the amount of information available, the free word-of-mouth they receive and the million and one recommendations – so use this information wisely, don’t be lazy and you’re bound to reap the benefits – sooner than later.

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A moment…

handsRunning a little behind on the follow up posts to the F-Factor, my sincere apologies folks. They will be coming up by the end of the day.

As of now tho…I’d like to put out there a moment of silence, a moment of peace and a vibe for the world to be a better place. Early this morning I saw posts about a bombing at the finishing line in a yearly run at Boston. What? Why? Curious, I searched the web for some info and was horrified. I don’t know and I don’t understand why people do things like that to each other. What good is revenge..(if that is what it is..) Where is the value in hurting the innocent? What have our minds turned into?

It it scary and most of all sad that things are the way they are. I extend my condolences, my thoughts and prayers to all the victims of that blast and while we’re at it…to everyone in the world who’s had tragedy and injustice happen to them. I hope, the very little we do here at vivi[d]sgn, can help inspire at least one person to make one change in their life to make this world a better place…then all will be good. If this effort is taken up by everyone – to be the best that you are and inspire or help the next person…maybe, we have hope after all.

Sending out good vibes to everyone in the world.


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Rate this!

Whats’ up folks?!

Recap time – remember the F-Factor? No? That all incorporated social media way of ‘word of mouth’’s got 5 elements to it, one of which we covered yesterday; F-Discovery. Today, it’s F-Rated. (who comes up with these terms anyways?)

F-Rated – so what’s this all about? It’s close to what F-Discovery was about – discovering the trends your friends or online community keeps. F-Rated covers more into the various recommendations and reviews readily available online, either through your immediate circle or the ones beyond that.

Sites like Trip Advisor, Bing, Amazon and GoodReads are just a few that recommend a place, a book, a purchase…etc. These sites and the ones alike, allow for your membership, your details, your input in order to keep their site relevant. Besides the core team trying to keep up with the times and be innovative, many a time you find yourself on their workforce but not on their payroll. You willingly indulge this, as you either want your thoughts, reviews and opinions to be heard or you want to benefit from the reviews from others. Sometimes, you want to just belong to a community.

This may sound ‘funny’, but understanding the human psyche and its need, its strong strong need to belong to a group and contribute helps sites like these thrive and not run out of business. You, your thoughts, your trends are the new black, and they want the world to know it.

Again, individually, this works directly to your benefit whether you can resist or give in to the need to contribute. However as a corporation, or marketing ‘expert’, you once again, have at your fingertips, a pool of statistics to play with. Remember – knowledge is key here. You get to understand where the demographics lie in cleverly written thrillers like the Jack Reacher series of novels by Lee Child and perhaps highlight these books when you have a roadshow at more ‘male-centric’ institutions or highlight ‘chick-lits’ when visiting female-centric communities. I am of course totally generalising here, but for the sake of an example, you should get the drift.

The information is raw and not 100% proven, and probably more generalising than not, but at the same time, you see a trend, it opens up possibilities for short-term if not long-term marketing strategies, and lets all be honest, in the current state, we welcome any form of help that can enhance sales!

So there you go, the F-Rated element out of having the F-Factor – dissected our way, for you.

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Fab Five No. 1

Said we’d be back – so here we are!

Last time we spoke – did we speak? We talked about the F-Factor! To recap – the F-Factor is a more high-tech version of being in touch with what’s happening out there – mainly on the internet and using this information to market your products..aka ‘the word-of-mouth’! And, the F-Factor has 5 elements to it!

So which one is the 1st one? Robbie? Mark? Gary? Jason? or the other one….oh yeah, Howard! (for those of you below 30, I am referencing Take That – THE BEST BOY BAND after The Beatles – I expect hate mail after this)

Right, it’s something called F-Discovery! What the..?!

Simply put, it’s sort of a convoluted online method of ‘keeping up with the Joneses – or for the sake of this day and age; ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’! Though, I truly don’t want to.

It’s the act of checking out whatever your peers, friends you admire, cool peeps, celebs, socialites or heroes are doing, using, wearing, experiencing, purchasing and copying exactly what they do! Nice!

Now, stepping back a bit – it’s not just those you put on a pedestal…the world has created tonnes of apps now that allows for you and me to stalk our ‘favourite’ people or even generally know where our friends are almost all the time. Of course this is a two way process, you need to have participating friends who love updating their status, location, likes, dislikes, thoughts, etc…ALL THE FREAKIN TIME – then, you too, will have the power of the F-Discovery Factor!

So how do you monitor?

As an individual – you happily surf these social media sites on a daily basis and check out what your friends are doing, find something you fancy and hop on the band wagon. Purchase what they just got, like what they just liked, watch what they’ve just watched and subliminally take in the marketing message. Note of caution: you too are doing this for others.

As a marketer – you plant fantabulous deals out there – based on your high-tech research (asking your hip 19 year old niece what’s ‘in’ at the moment), purchase some online ads OR pay attention to the TAGs and ‘spiders’ out there – basically what’s trending and go with that stream.

Knowledge is key of course. Taking this seriously, you should put in more effort to understand the market – YOUR target market – the latest trends and then make a calculated decision of where and how to put your digital money on A&P – as well as investing on an online team or personnel to keep presence on social media channels that suit you and your business. The list is endless, so there’s no shortage in getting connected, its up to you to use what’s there.

Get cracking! 

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What the Fuck is the F-Factor?!




Did I just swear on cyber space? On a ‘corporate company’ blog/website? Yes, get over it…I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a ‘corporate company’ though!

So, F-Factor ….WHAAAT? Is that? I’ve recently come across this latest coined word on a number of write ups, blogs and websites. Intriguing. And I wonder, will we have gone through the whole alphabet by the time I knock off? I’m in 2 minds about having to live through that one.

F-Factor has about ‘5 factors’ to it. Is that why it starts with the F? Who knows. Who cares? Stop being a nerd and let it go! So these five factors include:

1. F-Discovery

2. F-Rated

3. F-Feedback

4. F-Together

5. F-Me

What it really seems to be is, a glorified version of ‘word of mouth marketing’ but mostly based on social media features. It’s interesting enough that I think serious marketers, researches and trend setters should take heed, start learning about it more and see how this can be ‘used’ not ‘manipulated’ in getting their word out, gaining trust and eventually making the sale.

I’ll be digging in deeper on these Fab Five Factors in the next…5 days I guess, seems appropriate enough…so…check back in.


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