The Future

Welcome to the future. The future is where designers are entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. The future is where small bespoke and/or boutique advertising studios will be the people to go to. The ones who are in it for the love of design, the craft of the word and the brilliance in advertising – from the heart and for a good reason.

The past will slowly become those agencies that are in it for the awards, status and ‘agency’ life. Welcome to the future. The future is now.Future



Running a business is a pretty exciting but challenging way of life! It certainly keeps bore dome away! In fact, it takes so much of your time, you sometimes forget how to live.

And I’m not saying this as a negative rant, cause when I get into something, boy do I get into it and my every pore oozes energy focused on that particular thing, like running my business or like my secret life as a jazz vocalist.

So taking a break is never on the cards, as you’re having so much fun AND responsibility at ‘work’ that you sorta feel guilty if you were to leave the pile for a few days. But, that’s exactly what I did and it was a good break. A whirlwind of a break, but a good one nonetheless. A necessary one.

Bali. The land of smiles, is it? Yes, that tag line still stands, it’s true, these calm, peace loving people are an amazing bunch and I would recommend a trip to anyone. Especially agencies. Take yer whole group there. Experience the nature, the richness of the art and the calm that comes from this place.

If I cld go there regularly, I would. It’s inspired me to dabble a little more on the arts..this gives me a release and more inspiration towards work. Just a lovely rewarding experience. I’ll keep you posted on the products that come out from this wave of creativity, lets hope it lasts.

Bali-hai…will come to you!

After FOUR Months

So we’re back! Technically, we didn’t go anywhere…just been busy. Good thing? Bad thing? Well good of course, but this got us many of us slack in our social media presence and brand housekeeping when work is piling up?

How many of us still feel like keep up to date is trivia and the ‘real’ work is delivering good stuff to our clients? Well, it’s true, you need to deliver good stuff…but think for a second, what made your client come approach you in the first place? What sealed the deal for them in choosing your services? What made you stand out? What makes you special?

Could have been price, personality, convenience, expertise or any one of a long list of traits…but at the same time, what could have and would set you apart from the rest is your discipline.

Discipline in house keeping your own brand. Making it grow. Making it heard. Driving it further, stronger, better, bigger, more confident and with more substance.

The more you speak, the more people understand you and your brand. What I’m getting it is, it’s essential that we continuously keep the lines of communications open with our audience and engage with them as much as possible.

It does not have to be daily…but it has to be frequent enough to build a following and consistent enough to build trust.

Now as we get back into the tempo of regular blog posts, we look forward to gaining your trust and following, plus we would love to engage with you. So drop us a line and let us know why you’d like us to blog about…review or start a conversation on.

Meanwhile, we’re on our way to picking up more skills on Google AdWords. On the road peeps. Talk soon.


All me!


If you’ve been following the F-Factor fab five, this is the last installation and probably the one that brings all 5 factors together. You!

The final element to the F-Factor is F-Me! That’s right! You and especially your social media platform! Flipboard, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Google+ are platforms that basically tell the story of your life to the masses. Any one on the streets can just log on to one of these and find out quite a lot about the next person. Not only do marketers do this for their benefit, but also prospective employers and even the police force.

Is this legal? Is its stalking? Is it violating one’s human rights? Well, as long as no one is really complaining and the masses benefit, I don’t see how this will be curbed anytime soon. Therefore, as much as I hate endorsing this, it’s a huge avenue for ‘researching’ your targeted demographics and using the statistics you get.

Now that you’ve got the F-Factor in your hands, go out and use this wisely.

© Copyright 2013 vivi[d]sgn

Keep it Together


Since we’re talking about social media platforms, people seem to like doing things together. Tagging, sharing. These acts seem to know no bounds. For the ever popular Facebook – restrictions seem to come and go and is ever changing, that no one can really keep up – and people continue to annoy each other with unwanted tags, forcing the latter with no choice but to digitally share the experience or thought you just had despite it being daft or prolific.

It is human nature that we want to do things TOGETHER, which is ironically the next part of the F-Factor – the F-Together!

F-Factor works this way. Corporations, product produces and service providers very often offer great deals targeted to groups. This is a win-win, as the seller gets a bulk of sales immediately and the buyer gets a good deal, very often shared amongst friends.

There are things like Group Gifts, where friends can pool together and divide the cost of a gift, or Disney’s Tickets Together encourage groups of friends to purchase movie tickets via Facebook, highlight details of the screening on their personal social media page and invite friends to buy these tickets as well. What’s not to like?

In all honesty, this seems to be the best marketing gimmick for a long time. Bulk purchases, good discounts, free word of mouth marketing within peers! It seems fail proof, until of course, there are complaints to the product and/or service after which, we have a major problem. As this very word-of-mouth can also turn against you, your product, your marketing plan and your brand! Then, it will take a lot of hard work to build up your credibility in the market again, but hey, high risks calls for high yields!

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