Running a business is a pretty exciting but challenging way of life! It certainly keeps bore dome away! In fact, it takes so much of your time, you sometimes forget how to live.

And I’m not saying this as a negative rant, cause when I get into something, boy do I get into it and my every pore oozes energy focused on that particular thing, like running my business or like my secret life as a jazz vocalist.

So taking a break is never on the cards, as you’re having so much fun AND responsibility at ‘work’ that you sorta feel guilty if you were to leave the pile for a few days. But, that’s exactly what I did and it was a good break. A whirlwind of a break, but a good one nonetheless. A necessary one.

Bali. The land of smiles, is it? Yes, that tag line still stands, it’s true, these calm, peace loving people are an amazing bunch and I would recommend a trip to anyone. Especially agencies. Take yer whole group there. Experience the nature, the richness of the art and the calm that comes from this place.

If I cld go there regularly, I would. It’s inspired me to dabble a little more on the arts..this gives me a release and more inspiration towards work. Just a lovely rewarding experience. I’ll keep you posted on the products that come out from this wave of creativity, lets hope it lasts.

Bali-hai…will come to you!