Feedback PLEASE!




Last time we talked – we spoke about the F-Factor, do you have it?! It consists of 5 key segments; 

F – Discovery
F – Rated
F – Feedback
F – Together, and
F – Me

We’ve covered the first two and now, on to no.3!

Feedback has not always been THE buzzword. Most times it wasn’t this politically correct, instead – all you would get is comments. Things were either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; basically a compliment on a good job done or a criticism on the shoddy paper submitted.

These days however, there is feedback. Constructive feedback or damaging feedback, but feedback nonetheless.

It generally says, this is my humble, polite opinion on your idea/invention/story/product. Many-a-time, you wonder if the feedback is void of any emotion, terribly mechanical and just trying too hard to be bland or ‘safe. But thanks to social media, feedback can now come from everyone and anyone. No longer are experts sugar-coating their words in order to not ruffle anyone’s feathers, lose credibility, be prove wrong in public or losing out on perks from ‘friends of the industry’. Instead, we have an army of people online who are not afraid to let their thoughts heard – good or bad, right or wrong.

This is clearly seen on the current social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Twitter. Most users trust recommendations by family members the MOST and then friends. So it is true, blood is thicker than water, or gin and tonic. Whereas, in general, people trust recommendations of their Facebook friends the most, whereas Twitter ranks no.2 on trustworthy opinions for goods and assistance.

There has been so much buzz about Feedback that there are new apps and programs created everyday to gauge what people like, dislike and have opinions about. Some of these are of course Pinterest, StackExchange and LoveThis. Users are now the new content writers that are not on a payroll and sometimes even pay to use the app or software. These unsuspecting individuals, log on religiously daily, review a product, place or service…(the list is endless) and then go on to write down their thoughts, their opinions after spending good money on these products and services. They even go so far as to suggest on what could be improved by the provider or what could be done by the user to get the best experience.

Developers and service providers are currently spoiled with the amount of information available, the free word-of-mouth they receive and the million and one recommendations – so use this information wisely, don’t be lazy and you’re bound to reap the benefits – sooner than later.

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