All me!


If you’ve been following the F-Factor fab five, this is the last installation and probably the one that brings all 5 factors together. You!

The final element to the F-Factor is F-Me! That’s right! You and especially your social media platform! Flipboard, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Google+ are platforms that basically tell the story of your life to the masses. Any one on the streets can just log on to one of these and find out quite a lot about the next person. Not only do marketers do this for their benefit, but also prospective employers and even the police force.

Is this legal? Is its stalking? Is it violating one’s human rights? Well, as long as no one is really complaining and the masses benefit, I don’t see how this will be curbed anytime soon. Therefore, as much as I hate endorsing this, it’s a huge avenue for ‘researching’ your targeted demographics and using the statistics you get.

Now that you’ve got the F-Factor in your hands, go out and use this wisely.

© Copyright 2013 vivi[d]sgn

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