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Recap time – remember the F-Factor? No? That all incorporated social media way of ‘word of mouth’ marketing..it’s got 5 elements to it, one of which we covered yesterday; F-Discovery. Today, it’s F-Rated. (who comes up with these terms anyways?)

F-Rated – so what’s this all about? It’s close to what F-Discovery was about – discovering the trends your friends or online community keeps. F-Rated covers more into the various recommendations and reviews readily available online, either through your immediate circle or the ones beyond that.

Sites like Trip Advisor, Bing, Amazon and GoodReads are just a few that recommend a place, a book, a purchase…etc. These sites and the ones alike, allow for your membership, your details, your input in order to keep their site relevant. Besides the core team trying to keep up with the times and be innovative, many a time you find yourself on their workforce but not on their payroll. You willingly indulge this, as you either want your thoughts, reviews and opinions to be heard or you want to benefit from the reviews from others. Sometimes, you want to just belong to a community.

This may sound ‘funny’, but understanding the human psyche and its need, its strong strong need to belong to a group and contribute helps sites like these thrive and not run out of business. You, your thoughts, your trends are the new black, and they want the world to know it.

Again, individually, this works directly to your benefit whether you can resist or give in to the need to contribute. However as a corporation, or marketing ‘expert’, you once again, have at your fingertips, a pool of statistics to play with. Remember – knowledge is key here. You get to understand where the demographics lie in cleverly written thrillers like the Jack Reacher series of novels by Lee Child and perhaps highlight these books when you have a roadshow at more ‘male-centric’ institutions or highlight ‘chick-lits’ when visiting female-centric communities. I am of course totally generalising here, but for the sake of an example, you should get the drift.

The information is raw and not 100% proven, and probably more generalising than not, but at the same time, you see a trend, it opens up possibilities for short-term if not long-term marketing strategies, and lets all be honest, in the current state, we welcome any form of help that can enhance sales!

So there you go, the F-Rated element out of having the F-Factor – dissected our way, for you.

© Copyright 2013 vivi[d]sgn

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