What the Fuck is the F-Factor?!




Did I just swear on cyber space? On a ‘corporate company’ blog/website? Yes, get over it…I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a ‘corporate company’ though!

So, F-Factor ….WHAAAT? Is that? I’ve recently come across this latest coined word on a number of write ups, blogs and websites. Intriguing. And I wonder, will we have gone through the whole alphabet by the time I knock off? I’m in 2 minds about having to live through that one.

F-Factor has about ‘5 factors’ to it. Is that why it starts with the F? Who knows. Who cares? Stop being a nerd and let it go! So these five factors include:

1. F-Discovery

2. F-Rated

3. F-Feedback

4. F-Together

5. F-Me

What it really seems to be is, a glorified version of ‘word of mouth marketing’ but mostly based on social media features. It’s interesting enough that I think serious marketers, researches and trend setters should take heed, start learning about it more and see how this can be ‘used’ not ‘manipulated’ in getting their word out, gaining trust and eventually making the sale.

I’ll be digging in deeper on these Fab Five Factors in the next…5 days I guess, seems appropriate enough…so…check back in.


© Copyright 2013 vivi[d]sgn

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