Drawing lines…where do we start?

So…what were they thinking? One might be tempted to ask. But were they thinking at all or worst still do they actually think things through on a daily basis. I strongly suspect the latter.

Unfortunately, in this fast paced world, we find many looking for quick fixes – fast answers – short term results. What happens in the end is, long apologies – dreaded explanations and layers and layers of enquiries – trying to understand how ‘this’ could happen, at this day and age! This day and age where we’ve moved on from racial discrimination (well mainly in the West – but even this, I am largely generalising), slowly trying to break from the shackles of gender discrimination and focusing a lot on LGBT rights or equality. But beneath all this, is actually – human rights – the fight for it – the education – the debate. Human rights and respect for all and that we are all equal!

As I type this out, my personal Facebook profile dons the latest ‘equality’ emblem – showing my support for the fight of marriage equality in America and secretly hoping this starts the ball rolling all over the world (yeah…right!).

But I digress – where am I going with this? Well…by now, if you’ve not got bored of my rant and looked at the 3 visuals added to this post – you’d have noticed some really ‘out there’ ads done by Ford. Ads that were not official but posted up on the infamous Ads of the World website us designer types follow. What were they hoping to achieve? Win votes or get dissed?

Ad1_paris-hilton Ad2_berlusconi Ad3_schumacher

And how did this even come to fruition? And which ad agency, where, did this? Well, it gets better!

None other than JWT, India! India, of all places. Technically, having these ads produced anywhere in the world are already a big disrespect to women everywhere – raising eyebrows and says very little about sportsmanship in the F1 circuit, and the 3 other ‘would-be-kidnappers’ portrayed in these ads, namely; what looks like Paris Hilton – getting rid of the Kardashians as they grow more and more famous with almost 10 reality shows to their name, and the studio lights slowly but surely dimming on Ms.Hilton’s airtime. (Is she STILL on air?!). Then there’s ‘what looks like’ former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is seen kidnapping 3 women – all very tightly dressed for…who knows what! And lastly – a splitting image of Michael Schumacher – the infamous F1 driver who’s back in action but has long past his glory days ‘kidnapping’ his competitors who look a lot like Lewis Hamilton and 2 other rivals!

So – what is Ford trying to say with these ads? That the new Ford Figo has enough boot space to use in criminal acts like kidnapping people? I suppose that’s what it is…truly..if you remember a time where we all watched our favourite childhood drink pack in more than 10 ‘burly’ men into a mini – indicating the NEW Milo 3-in-1 pack is even more chocolaty and rich in nutrients, I’d have to hand it to them for being pretty entertaining and funny – like the clowns in a circus fitting into a small car!

Now, how has this come about? Lack of ideas? Wanting to be ‘so on the edge’ in order to get noticed? Has JWT run out of ‘creative’ ideas that it has to resort to ‘controversial’ print ads as these? Have they not read the news? Kidnapping and gagging women aren’t exactly condoned and is one of the major crimes currently happening around the world and of late – the tragic incident in India reminds us of the harsh reality women face daily.

Am I annoyed? Yes. Disgusted. Yup! Do I have questions – of course. Will they be answered – no. Cause that’s the world we live in. The blame will be passed on to young interns who don’t know better – a CEO or manager will be fired – we will forget – Ford will secretly smile knowing that their name and latest product have been in the papers, on blogs and doing the rounds in the ad and media world. Perhaps JWT will be ‘secretly’ smiling too…so has this been a big giant ploy? Is everyone in on this and we…we, you and I…are giving them more FREE PUBLICITY – I secretly think so. Am I in on this – I suppose I am – as I want to tell the world about this story – I also want people to read my blog – and I want to be outspoken and just as ‘controversial’…we’re all in on this. We’re all in the system.

So when do we draw the line? Do we expose these things to gain viewership or is it truly coming from a noble place…I ask myself that…(every now and then..)

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