Read somewhere…Passion meets Focus!

130313-passion-focus-entrepreneurship“True success, true energy, and true alignment can only occur when passion meets focus”

Are you one of those who’s struggling or lets use a more positive word…striving to do things on your own? Work out on your own? In other words, are you a new entrepreneur? Interesting word eh. It’s French. Sure sounds about right!

But I digress, as I too fall into the pits of lacking focus at times. So is it true, when PASSION meets FOCUS, we achieve all that?

What happens when we lack focus, don’t have a game plan, or strategy? We let things just ‘work for itself’? That’s a term I struggle with a lot. Having faith and leaving it up to the Gods. It’s a good thing to be able to do that. But at the same time…there’s also this term; ‘ask and you shall receive’?

So basically, do the ground work. Do what you need to do to get successful. Then you can sit back and relax a bit. Nothing’s easy, nothing comes for free. Its all blood, sweat and tears people. And even losing some friendships along the way, if they derail you and leave you unfocused in your path to achieving what you, deep down inside, know is your calling.

So here are some questions or thoughts you may want to think about:
a. Have you identified your calling? Your passion? What you truly LOVE doing?
b. Are you doing it? And if so…
c. Do you have targets/goals/ for lack of a better word…ambitions for these dreams?
– Think of them as your babies and you want them to grow and be great! So what are you doing for them.
d. And now, do you have a game plan to get there?

Would love to hear from I know from experience, if you want something, if you REALLY, REALLY want something, chances are, you’ll work damn hard to get it. So, ask yourself, “do I really want this”?!




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